Be a force of new. 

Afya is accepting interns to help us build most exciting heath care technology company in the world. 

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Seeking problem solvers.

Your classes are great, but are you ready to work on real projects that actually improve lives, and get paid for the experience?



Four paths, one road. Which will you choose?


Virtual Care Research

Engauge in virtual care, heath equity, and health services research including: data collection, statistics, analysis, and presentation. 


Clinical Workflow

Get hands on with clinic re-engineering, transformation, and redesign. Help real docs and real clinics see real patients, real better. 


Healthcare Operations

Immerse yourself in the business and operations of healthcare; the foundation of enabling patient care. 


AI and Technology

Build tomorrow's healthcare technology today alongside technical pros with decades of experience. 

60% of employers are more likely to hire individuals who interned. What are you waiting for?